For any further questions:

What kind of services can I expect?

Registration includes:
.Brevet card
.Official cap
.Finisher medal
.Tracker rental
.Live real time satellite tracking
.Official time on our website

Any official social media?

.Website: transiberica.cc
.Instagram: @transiberica
.Twitter: @transibericaBR

Any considerations I should know about the Iberian Peninsula for my route?

.Climate: Weather in the Iberian Peninsula is extreme. In the warmer months, in southern and inland areas you’ll probably ride exceeding 40º, but at night the temperature could descend to a few degrees above zero. Weather is less harsh in coastal regions, and colder and wetter in North.
.Population: Population density is markedly higher in coastal regions. Considerer for your self-support plan that in some inland regions of the Peninsula it’s even lower than in Lapland.
.Orography: Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland…despite almost 50% of its Mainland by the Central Plateau.
.Cycling: Secondary road conditions and traffic in Spain, Portugal and Andorra are perfect for cycling even at night. You’ll ride on a couple of gravel paths, so bear this in mind while choosing your equipment.
.Food & drink: Villages exceeding 200 people usually have a fountain where you can get water. It´s also likely there will be bar where you can select options from a daily menu.
.Language: You should be able to communicate in English in Portugal, Andorra and in coastal regions of Spain.

Can I book any services before the race starts?

It is prohibited to book services to be used in the race before the start, accommodation included. All you could need may be booked once the race starts.

What if I get lost?

Ask local people, use your GPS device, design a new route with your mobile…but don’t call home or any base-camp, use your own power and resources to find the right way.

…worries about the temperature

Although you may face different types of weather, heat will be your main opponent. Transibérica Ultracycling strongly recommends that you protect yourself against the sun: Hydrate, refresh and use sun lotion permanently, trying to avoid the hours of maximum insolation.

What does the winner get?

Following the bikepacking race tradition, there’s nothing but the honour and glory of being first. And of course the right to be invited for a drink by the following rider.

Can my family or friends cheer me en-route?

Family members and friends are warmly welcome to Transibérica Ultracycling races, but they must do so only at the Start/Finish or the Checkpoints.

Is there a minimum age to enter?

Yes. You must be at least 18 before the start.

What if I decide to abandon the race?

Unfortunately there are only a few of us working on this event. As we won’t be able to bring you back, you must do it by yourself.
In this case you must communicate it as soon as possible to the organisation (by official mail or ICE Mobile).

Any official contact for emergencies during the event?

Consider 112 is the common emergency telephone number in Europe.
In case of emergency contact also the ICE Mobile provided for the event. Don’t expect any technical or neighbourhood service, but don’t hesitate to use it in case you really need it, we’ll try to help you as far as possible.

I love the look of these events…but I don’t fancy taking part this year, how could I be a part of it?

Transibérica Ultracycling races are huge and extensive events. If you want to join the staff, please send us a mail to info@transiberica.cc

What about the organisers?

We, the people behind this project, just provide the checkpoints, the rules, the trackers and the date: Transibérica Ultracycling events are conceived to be a personal adventure, a collective race.
This project is based on our personal experiences in similar races such as Transcontinental, Trans Am Bike Race (Carlos) and randonneur events such as Paris-Brest-Paris, London-Edinburgh-London (David).
Transibérica Ultracycling is designed from our deep love to cycling, ultracycling, bikepacking, selfsufficiency and all values conveyed through Mike Hall and Nathan Jones legacy.