For any further questions:

The start: Where and when?

Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain), 02/Sep/2018 at 22:00

What about the route?

There’s no official route, just 4 Checkpoints and some mandatory segments. You must design your own route.

Any considerations I should know about Iberian Peninsula for my route?

• Climate: Weather in Iberian Peninsula is extreme. Due to dates in southern and interior areas you’ll probably ride exceeding 40º, but at night temperature could descend until some degrees above zero. Weather is softer in coastal regions, and colder and wet in North Spain.
• Population: Population density is markedly higher in coast regions. Considerer for your self-support plan that in some interior regions of Iberian Peninsula it’s even lower than in Lapland.
• Orography: Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland…despite almost 50% of its Mainland by the Central Plateau.
• Cycling: Secondary road conditions and traffic in Spain, Portugal and Andorra are perfect for cycling even at night. Anyway you’ll ride on a couple of gravel segments, so consider it to choose you equipment.
• Food & drink: Villages exceeding 200 people use to have their own fountain where taking water and Bar where taking a daily menu.
• Language: Probably you’ll have no problem to communicate in english in Portugal, Andorra and in coastal regions of Spain.

Can I book any services before the race starts?

It is prohibited to book services to be used in the race before the start, accommodation included. All you could need may be booked once the race starts.

Are there fees?

• Fee#1: Basic Entry Fee to cover some organization costs (web, eventual controls, communications…)
• Fee#2: Spot Tracker rental Fee (around 60€)

And the Sign Up?

Visit Registration and complete the contact form, we’ll send you all you need. Time limit: 30/Jun/2018.

Any other conditions to race?

Yes, for the race you must be in possession of: Medical authorization + Disclaimer form + Personal insurance of civil responsibility and injuries

What about the organisers?

We the people behind this project just provide the checkpoints, the rules, the trackers and the date: TIBR is conceived to be a personal adventure, a collective race.
This project is based on our personal experiences in similar races such as Transcontinental, Trans Am Bike Race -Carlos Mazón- and randonneur events such as PBP, LEL -David Rodríguez-
TIBR is designed from our deeply love to cycling, ultracycling, bikepacking, selfsufficiency and all values conveyed through Mike Hall and Nathan Jones legacy.